Electric motors are widely used in water pumps. The electric motor drives the water pump to transport and lift water by rotating the mechanical device. Here are some common scenarios for electric motors in water pump applications:

Water supply systems

Electric water pumps are commonly used in urban water supply systems to transport water from sources to residential, industrial areas or farmland.

Drainage system

In a drainage system, electric water pumps are used to remove rainwater, sewage or other liquids to ensure that the area is not flooded.


Irrigation system

Electric water pumps are often used in the agricultural field to irrigate farmland to ensure that plants receive sufficient water.

Construction sites

On construction sites, electric water pumps are used to remove accumulated water in construction pits and keep the construction area dry.


Industrial production

In some industrial processes, liquids need to be transported to different process equipment through electric water pumps to complete the production process.

Fire fighting system

Fire fighting systems usually include electric water pumps to provide fire extinguishing water sources to ensure timely water supply when a fire occurs.


Temperature control systems

Some systems require electric water pumps to circulate coolant to maintain the temperature of the equipment or process.

Generally speaking, electric water pumps provide efficient and controllable water flow delivery solutions driven by electric motors, and are widely used in liquid handling and transportation in various fields.

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