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XNM Series Marine Alternator

 XNM Series Marine Alternator

Marine Alternator complies with GB755,BS500, VDE0530, NEMA MG1-22, IEC-34, CSA C22-100 and AS 1359.

Electrical Characteristic:
1. Insulation & Impregnating
The Insulation system is Class "H". ALL wound components are impregnated with materials and processes designed specifically to provide protection against the harsh environments encountered in generator applications.

2. Windings & Electrical Performance
All Alternator stators are wound to 2/3 pitch.

3. Overload Capacity
It can undertake 300% rated current for 20 seconds (without AVR protection); 150% rated current overload for 2 minutes; 110% rated current for 1 hour in every 6 hours.

4. Telephone Disturbance
THF less than 2%. TIF less than 50.

5. Radio Interference
Brushless device and high-quality AVR ensures low level of inference with radio existence, meeting BSEN61000 6 standard.

6. Terminal &Terminal box
Standard alternators are 3 phase reconnectable with 12 ends brought out to the terminals, which are mounted on a cover at the non-drive end of the alternator.